OWSA Mission Statement

The Ohio Water Ski Association has five major goals:

    1. To encourage recreational water sport safety and education.
    2. To promote organized and competitive water skiing in Ohio and encourage membership in the American Water Ski Association.
    3. To encourage and assist local water skiers and water ski clubs to participate in state, regional, and national water ski championships.
    4. To work toward establishing and maintaining an adequate group of qualified judges and other officials sanctioned by the American Water Ski Association, to serve the needs of water skiers in Ohio.
    5. To promote and coordinate competitive water skiing in Ohio by:
    Providing a central agency for tournament scheduling in coordination with the state councilperson; Acting as an advisory and/or controlling body for tournament rules; Assisting and regulating procurement of tournament equipment and officials; Offering education, equipment, and assistance to local groups planning water ski tournaments and/or educational clinics; Encourage new participants in the sport of water skiing; Encourage the passage of laws and regulations which allow a proper place for water skiing in the use of public and private waterways in the state; Encourage and assist in the procurement and development of new water ski sites and the preservation of existing ones.

2015-16 OWSA Officers

    President: Steve Rogers
    Vice-President: Larry Zanko
    Treasurer: Jon French
    Secretary: Keri McClure
    Council Rep: Jim McClure

2015-16 Committee Chairs

    Buckeye Buoy Tour: Greg Kuenning/Anthony Warren
    Collegiate Development: Kevin Dammeyer
    Hall of Fame: Jeff Van Treese
    Junior Development: Michael Davis
    Marketing - Lisa Nelson
    Membership - Clint Howell
    Official Development: Jeff Cyphers
    Public Waterways: Greg Lanich
    Reporting: Anthony Warren
    State Championship: Jim McClure

2015-16 Board of Directors

    Columbus Aqua Ski Club – Steve Rogers
    Everclear Shores – Jeff Van Treese
    Extreme Watersports Center – Greg Kuenning
    Glassy Waters - Anthony Warren
    Lake Bobason – Jim Berger
    Lake Lottawatta – Greg Lanich
    Pleasant Shores – Jim McClure
    Shortline Shores – Karl Dammeyer


OWSA Bylaws (11/22/09)

OWSA Constitution (11/22/09)