It was a great weekend at Pleasant Shores for BBT stop #3.  Host club's Lydia Francis finishes 1st in Slalom with 1st time competitor Maddie Phillips of Lake Lattawatta in 2nd and Josh Cyphers of Shortline Shores in 3rd.

Chris Caldwell of Lake Mohawk has another great day topping the podium, this time in Trick.  Keri McClure of Pleasant shores finished 2nd and a 3rd place plaque went to Colton Bucher of Indiana.

Keri McClure took home the 1st prize in Jump with Mary Nelson of Lake Lattawatta landing in 2nd and Kevin Dammeyer of Shortline shores in 3rd.

Get your registrations in for the remaining BBT Stops, there are still lots of great prizes to be won and fun skiing to be had!




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06/25/2017 - 06/26/2017