On July 11th, the Glassy Waters Ski Club in Newton Falls, Ohio rolled out a new BBT format call "Pick Your Partner".  In many ways it's the opposite of "Pick Your Poison".  Instead of picking another skier to ski against, you get to pick another skier to ski with (as a team) in a head-to-dead format against another team.  The highest combined average of each 2-person team advanced to a semi-final and final round.

Proving that the BBT handicapped scoring system works for all level of skiers - Caryl Kolb entered the tournament with an average of 3.25@32mph, while Dave Miller average 0.5@41off!  Steady and consistent skiing by the pair allowed them to hold off the rapid improvement of 2nd place finisher Calvin Warren (B1) who put up a personal best of 0.5@23mph and a personal best from 3rd place finisher Shelly Rogers (G2) from Columbus Aqua with 2@22off.




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