Handicapped Scoring Rules


  • Skiers will be ranked based on average buoy count (from rankings list) over the past 12 months.
  • Each skier will be skiing against their "Average" otherwise known as "Handicap" throughout the tournament.
  • Scores are calculated by taking your score from any given round and dividing it by your average.  A score equal to your average would give you a handicapped score of 100%. A score of 1 buoy over your Average would equate to a score of approximately 101%, a score of 2 buoys below your handicap would equate to a score of approximately 98%. 
  • If a skier skis over his average, then that score becomes his new average for the next round.  (For example, if a skiers average is 3 @ 35 off 34 mph and he runs 5 @ 35 off, then 5 @ 35 off becomes his new average for the remaining rounds unless he improves on that score again.)  This rule keeps everything more even as you advance to the Finals and you have shortline skiers coming up against kids and slower skiers who can greatly improve their buoy count from week to week.
  • When calculating a skiers Handicap from the National Ranking database, penalties applied in the National Rankings will be removed for the purposes of scoring Tour Stops.  In other words, if a skier has only skied one tournament in the previous 12 months, then the score from that tournament will be their Handicap.  The penalty applied by the Ranking List will be removed.
  • Unless otherwise specified, ties will always be awarded to the skier who went first off the dock.
  • A maximum of average score of 102% to 110% will be used as a cap depending on the format.  Cap to be determined by the BBT organizer prior to or during the event as needed to best level the playing field.  Cap shall be the same for all skiers in said event.



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