Ohio has adopted a new set of rules for their “Novice Division” in 2010.  Now novice skiers have the option to start their run in the mini-course for their first two passes and they will also be given a mulligan should they fall or miss a buoy on one of their passes in the regulation course.


The new set of standards will be used in all Ohio tournaments unless otherwise noted in their sanction.


Novice Division


A novice skier in Ohio shall be defined as a skier who has never run six or more buoys on their opening pass at any speed in a class C or higher sanctioned event.  All novice skiers shall receive one mulligan per round.  A mulligan could be a fall or missed buoy.  The novice skier shall receive a second pass through the slalom course on the return pass opposite their starting direction.  At the novice skier’s option, they may start with their opening two passes in the mini-course.  The mini-course shall be defined as the 1, 3, 5 red turn buoys on the right and the 2,4,6 yellow boat guide buoy(s) on the left.  The boat driver shall make his best attempt to drive a straight path centered between the turn buoys on the right and the outer most boat guide buoy on the left.  There are no start gates or end gates in the mini-course.  If a skier falls or misses a buoy in the mini-course, then that pass will not be considered their mulligan.  After a skier’s second pass in the mini-course, the skier shall advance to the regulation course and may start at any speed or line length they choose.

A novice skier registered in the Novice Division shall have their best pass scored towards their AWSA standings in the Grassroots Rankings (if the event has a Grassroots sanction).  A novice skier registered in their Age Division shall have their first pass scored towards the AWSA rankings list but shall proceed for the round under Ohio Novice Rules.  The mini-course shall not score towards any AWSA ranking lists, however it will be scored toward overall standings in Ohio tournaments which utilize handicap scoring.  If a skier scores six or more buoys, then they shall be placed in their age division for subsequent rounds and future events.



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