Buckeye Buoy Tour
Bid Process


The requirements for holding a Tour Stop are pretty simple and have been put into place to ensure that the event is held to a minimum standard.  Clubs are encouraged to go above and beyond the minimum requirements in an effort to make your Tour Stop a memorable event.  Planning night time activities such as parties or cookouts will help you to win your bid.  There will be a maximum of 5 Tour Stops per year and 1 of those 5 will always take place during the State Championship.


  • Host club must be an OWSA Member. 
  • Must hold one full day of Slalom, 2nd day optional for Trick & Jump
  • Slalom must be a "Fun Format". (Fun Format Ideas)
  • Format must guarantee all skiers at least 2 rounds.
  • Format must support a minimum of 40 skiers. 
  • Format must involve handicap scoring.
  • Tour Stop must have an announcer.
  • Tour Stop must give out Individual Awards to the winners. (Awards to be coordinated with OWSA)
  • Tour Stop must serve lunch OR provide a concession stand.
  • Tour Stop must pay $100 tour fee to OWSA to be used for end of year awards.
  • Tour Stop must utilize USA Water Ski Online Registration.
  • Tour Stop must include a Class C and Grassroots Sanction.
  • Details of the Tour Stop including tournament format, scoring, awards, officials, etc must all be coordinated with the OWSA Buckeye Buoy Tour Committee.
  • Tour Stop must follow the OWSA Entry Fee Requirements (To be adjusted as needed at the fall meeting)

    • $50 - 1 Event
    • $70 - 2 Events
    • $80 - 3 Events
    • Discounts
      • 20% Discount for Officials
      • 30% Discount for Juniors
      • 100% Discount for Chief Officials & Appointed Judges
      • Tournament Director may discount fees for their own Club Members or others if they choose

No club can be denied a Tour Stop for more than one year.  If you did not hold a tour stop in the previous year, then you are guaranteed your bid so long as you meet the requirements.  The only exception would be if 5 or more clubs put in bids who did not hold an event in the previous year.  In that case, clubs would vote at the fall meeting on which bids to accept.  After all automatic bids have been assigned, the remaining bids (if any) will be voted on by the clubs at the fall meeting.

The 5th Tour Stop of the year will be responsible for festivities on Saturday night which will include the presentation of awards to the Overall Tour winners.  The 5th stop would ideally be a 3-event stop.

In the event that there are not enough jump or trick events within the 5 tour stops, other 3-event tournaments around the state may be designated as "Buckeye Buoy Tour Stops" for those events.  For example, the jump event at a random 3-event tournament could be included in the BBT to ensure an adequate number of jump stops within the tour.  These modifications to the tour will be voted on at the Fall Meeting.

To place a bid for a Tour Stop, email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the Fall Meeting.



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